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Traditional-Coastal-Colonial-Home-PhotosI have always loved looking at houses. Even when I was a kid, I would sketch floorplans of what my “dream house” would look like when I grew up. These dream homes typically included a grand piano room (even though I have never played the piano) and a swimming pool in my bedroom with a water slide. As a teen, I still loved homes and decorating, and the Christopher Lowell Show and Trading Spaces became some of my favorite TV shows. As I grew up, I continued to be fascinated with houses and interior design, but I also became interested in the different ways in which people lived. In college, I minored in Sociology and loved learning about how people lived around the world.

When my husband and I bought our first house in 2008, and eight years later when we built our dream house (sadly the bedroom swimming pool did not make it into the final floor plan), I of course turned to the internet for home decorating inspiration. I found so many wonderful blogs and design sites for inspiration that have been very helpful to me. And what I loved the most was seeing real homes designed by real people, who have time and budget constraints, and are trying to create a beautiful home on their own. Not necessarily always “perfect” (is there even such a thing?!) but wonderful and beautiful homes nonetheless.

So I was inspired to create RealHouseTours.com to feature not only tours of real homes, of ALL styles, but to also take a look into how people live and have made their houses work best for their families.

I am so excited to gather inspiring home photo tours here and interview the homeowners about what life is like in their part of the world. I welcome you to RealHouseTours.com and hope you can find some inspiration in the featured homes and lives within them.

I welcome you to submit your own home tour or a featured room here. You can also learn more about me personally, by viewing my own home tour here. You can reach me via email too: realhousetours(at)gmail.com



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