Warm Farmhouse – Oregon

Shiplap Farmhouse Dining Room - RealHouseTours.comName: Gina A.

Location: Oregon

Type of Home: Single Home

Square Feet: 2,800 square feet (260 m2)

Area: Suburban

I Live With my husband and business partner, Shannon. We have 2 daughters, 2 son-in-laws, and 6 precious grandchildren.
We share our home with our sweet little dog, Piper. We built a 600 sq. ft. addition onto our home for my Mom. This allows her to be close by but gives us both our own personal space.

Decorating Style: I really enjoy warm, simple spaces with a lot of natural elements.Let’s just say that I haven’t seen many Pottery Barn rooms that I haven’t liked.

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Farmhouse Living Room Decor - RealHouseTours.com

My husband and I been building homes for around 20 years. I have the pleasure of meeting with our clients and designing a home that is perfect for their specific needs and desires. I have a passion for all things design. Apart from house design, I love working with people to guide them through the process of renewing their space through virtual design plans. As much as I enjoy everything I listed above, it pales in comparison to spending time with my precious grandkids!

Farmhouse Living Room Shelf Decor - RealHouseTours.com

Although we had hoped to build another home for ourselves this last time, life through us a curve. My Dad passed away and we needed to move my Mom in with us quickly. The area we wanted to live in had no available lots to purchase and most of the houses sat on lots that were too small to build an addition onto. We found this home, a tri-level built in 1979. It had a large lot, and although it wasn’t my dream home, it had the space we required.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Open Shelving - RealHouseTours.com

Before - Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation On a Budget - RealHouseTours.com

Before – Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation

I’ve always loved a challenge when it comes to design, and this home didn’t disappoint in that area. It had fairly good bones, but it was plain and very ordinary.When we built my Mom’s home onto ours, we did some remodeling on our space as well. We plan to do another phase of remodeling in the future that will include a new kitchen and a cozy fireplace!

Farmhouse Kitchen Dining Table with Shiplap Wall - RealHouseTours.com

I continue to work on one room at a time, one project at a time. I’ve come to the realization that with someone like me, there will never be a time when I’ll be finished. There will always be a new idea or a area to redo. That’s okay with me, it’s what keeps me energized!

Farmhouse Master Bedroom Decor - RealHouseTours.com

I have a storage room where I keep all of my holiday and extra decor. I only store things I love but don’t have a place for at the moment. When I want to change things around (my family will tell you that I do this weekly), I go shopping in my storage room. If it’s the wrong color, it gets spray painted to work in the new space!

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My biggest challenge right now is that we’re between remodeling projects. That makes things look unfinished to me. As an example, we took out the carpet in the living room and replaced it with wood. The entry, dining room and kitchen have another type of wood that has a different tone of color. We can’t replace those floors to match until the next phase when we remodel the kitchen. This isn’t the biggest deal in the world but it will be nice to have it all flow together one day.

Before - Farmhouse Entryway Makeover - RealHouseTours.com DIY Shiplap Plank Entryway Wall - RealHouseTours.com

Although this isn’t the home I’ve always dreamed of, I’m thankful that it’s mine and that I can work on it piece by piece to make it feel like home. It’s my goal to create an atmosphere that reflects my personal style but that still functions well as a place for my family and friends to gather!

Farmhouse Entryway Stairs - RealHouseTours.com

I love living in the Northwest! We can drive 2 hours West and be on the beautiful Oregon coast (which we do as often as possible!) or an hour East and be at Mt. Hood.

Columbia Gorge Oregon

Whenever someone hears that I’m from Oregon, they often comment about how it rains all the time. It’s true that it rains often but we also have beautiful, sunny days. All that rain does a great job keeping things green

Thank you to Gina for sharing her beautiful home with us! I love how she renovated and customized her home. Her home looks so warm and inviting and I love the shiplap and farmhouse decor she used. To track more of Gina’s renovations, please follow her on her Facebook page, Renewed Spaces.

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