Tiny Scandinavian Boho Apartment – Finland

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Name: Satu G.

Location: Finland

Type of Home: Apartment

Square Feet: 31 square meters (334 square feet)

Area: Suburban

I Live With my Turkish husband and our 1.5 year old daughter

Decorating Style: My decor style is Scandinavian bohemian. I love neutral tones and bohemian accessories. I have pieces from many decor styles, I just use everything I love no matter what style it belongs to. But the overall look is very Scandinavian bohemian to me.

Follow Me: You can follow Satu on Instagram @31_m2 

I work in a retail market five days a week. My shifts are rather short so I have a lot of free time which is perfect for me. At home I spend time with my family and also manage my home decor account on Instagram.

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I always wanted to live in this city and one day I was browsing homes that were on sale here just for fun. I spotted this home and fell in love immediately. I came to see it the next day and the following day I was at a bank buying it. It was a very sudden decision but I haven’t regretted a bit.

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My decor style was totally different in the past. Our grey wall in the living room was dark red and all my furniture was black. Our home looked very cold. I started updating it by painting the red wall to grey which led me to change something else too. After every change, I wanted to change something new again, and in one year our whole home had completely changed.

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I love the layout of our home. It’s very small but very smart. We have a proper kitchen here which is rare in this kind of tiny apartments. We also have a nice big balcony which I love in summer time. We get the evening sun on our balcony and there’s nothing better than sitting there with a wine glass, watching the sunset.

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Our alcove took a lot of time and thinking. I had disliked it for so long and was trying to find ways to make it look nice. I was slowly adding and removing things and eventually I found the best combination and now I love it.

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My biggest challenge is the lack of space. It’s not easy to decorate a home this small and I’ve had to give up many nice ideas because we simply don’t have space. In our tiny home it’s not easy to play together with a toddler who wants to be all over the place. So our way to spend time together is going out somewhere, visiting family or friends, or taking our daughter to a park. When I’m not taking care of our daughter, I’m taking care of our home, photographing, editing photos and managing my Instagram account.

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My city is quite calm which I love. It’s also perfectly balanced: we have everything we need here in close distance but there’s not too much of anything so it’s not crowded either.

Snowy Finland

My city wants to be known as the most immigrant friendly city in Finland. Since my husband is an immigrant, I feel like we live in the right city here.

Finland Street

Since our city is very calm, there’s no proper public transportation. It’s always the cheapest, easiest, and fastest to travel everywhere with our own car. I’d love to use public transportation but it just doesn’t work well in most of the Finland.

Finland Apartment


Thank you to Satu for sharing her amazing boho Scandanavian home with us! I absolutely love how she’s been able to maximize the space in her tiny apartment home. Her alcove looks so cozy and hygge to me! For more photos of Satu’s amazing apartment in Finland, please follow her on Instagram @31_m2.

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