Renovated Farmhouse Cottage – Ohio


White House with Black Shutters Window Boxes.jpgName: Laura O.

Location: Central Ohio

Type of Home: Single House

Square Feet: 2,000 Sq. Ft.

Area: Rural

I Live With my husband of almost 17 years and our four kids, one boy and three girls.

Decorating Style: I would describe my house as a mix of cottage and farmhouse. I love a mixture of old and new.

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White Farmhouse Kitchen -

We bought this home at an auction. We were looking to “flip” it at first, but once we walked the property, we fell in love with it. We love the neighborhood, and the creek in the back yard. We renovated pretty much everything in this house. We took out walls, new floors, new woodwork, new kitchen, new bathrooms, new paint, new lights. Pretty much everything.

white farmhouse kitchen before and after renovation.png

Everyone says that our wood ceilings stand out from other homes.

Staircase and Kitchen Farmhouse Style Renovation.png

Lighting is my secret. In every home that I have designed, I have loaded the house with light. Spaces just look better when they are lit up.

Farmhouse Kitchen Dining Room Renovation Before and After -

I love things that have a story, or some history behind it. I decorate a lot with things we’ve found in nature, especially things found on vacation (shells, driftwood, rocks, etc.). I also love antiques.

Brick Fireplace Farmhouse Makeover -

Our favorite family tradition is movie night.Every Friday night we have a “movie night” with pizza. My kids look forward to this night all week.

Cozy Farmhouse Living Room -

A Day in My Life: I wake up and help my kids get ready for school. I drop them off to school (except for my two-year old), and head to our current home renovation. We are currently working on our sixth project. I discuss what needs to be done with our contractor for a bit, and then head home to do my normal “mom life”: dishes, laundry, cooking, paperwork, etc.

Farmhouse Home Tour -

When my daughter goes down for her afternoon nap, that’s when I blog or work on paintings or projects. My kids get home around 4, we work on homework, and begin preparing dinner. We eat when my husband gets home, followed by family time, reading books, and bed time.

Farmhouse Craft Room and Storage -


We also spend a lot of time together down at the creek located in our back yard. It is my favorite thing about our home.

Snowy Winter Creek in Ohio -

In my area, everybody knows everybody, and therefore, it’s a lot like a family. People are quick to help you when you need it, and everybody cares for one another.

Ohio Backyard in the Fall -

Thank you to Laura for sharing her beautiful renovation. Her home and property are amazing! For more photos, be sure to follow Larua on her blog,

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