Moody Cottage – Finland

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Name: Virpi L.

Location: Kuopio, Finland

Type of Home: Cottage

Square Meters/Feet: 100 m² plus a 25 m² loft (1,076 sq ft. plus 269 sq ft. loft)

Area: Suburban

I Live With my carpenter husband, Roope, and our two toddlers, Amos (3) and Eliot (1). We also share a passion for jackrussels and have our own little fellow Veikko. He’s so great!

Decorating Style: My style is hard to describe. It’s eclectic for sure, and it has coastal and industrial vibes. I love how the old cottages look like in the Hamptons. I’m also a huge fan on New Orleans and Louisiana interior style. Love the mystical, little bit gothic, voodoo vibes.

Follow Me: You can follow Virpi on Instagram @storm_and_clay

I’m a stay at home Mom for my boys at the moment (I’m a news journalist and a writer.) Our week is quite organized, we have library day, and days for baking and house cleaning. I love to hang with my boys and do things together. My husband works from 7am to 3pm so I have time for my interior related things when he comes home from the work.

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We saw an abandoned fisherman’s cottage near the city, by Lake Kallavesi a few years ago. We got a permission to buy the land and build a new cottage there. This house has been made together with love. All our family members have been in this project. My husband drew the sketches for the blueprints. Our grannies, and great grandmothers of our boys, painted and wallpapered the walls. My dad made the floors and my husband did ALL the of wood work.

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I am inspired by nature, old rustic Hamptons, and New Orleans. I read a lot of French and American magazines for inspiration.

My favorite DIY project is our fake fireplace. I love to style it by different seasons. In the summer, I fill it with flowers.

DIY Dark Fireplace Mantle -

I love to collect old dishes, vintage books, and cameras. These are my passion.

My biggest style challenge is to keep it together and not get carried away! My hubby says he doesn’t want to live in a shop of antiques!

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Our favorite tradition is watching family movies and cartoons together on Sundays and eating in the living room. Cars 1 and Wall-e are our favorites.

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My favorite activity is definitely baking and cooking. I have recently learned to make sourdough bread and we don’t buy bread anymore.

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Our traditional food is kalakukko, a rye bread that has fish and bacon inside. (Yes, for real!)

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I love our dark colors and that I can see the lake from my big living room window. My area is best known for its gorgeous huge lakes and hills. We live really close to beach. Nature is close here living in a little town of 90K inhabitants.

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Distances are really long here, since Finland is a really long country and in a way quite rural. We’re sparsely populated, and it takes 5 hours to drive to the capital, Helsinki. But the city of Kuopio where we live is a center in the Lakeland area. We have a university and a teaching hospital, wood industry, and good water connections to the coast, so we’re not isolated and our kids can have an education here.

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Thank you to Virpi for sharing her beautiful and moody, hygge fisherman’s cottage in Finland! For more photos, be sure to follow Virpi on Instagram @storm_and_clay


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