Rural Minimalist – New Jersey

Minimalist Modern Couch - RealHouseTours.comName: Brittany K.

Location: New Jersey

Type of Home: Single House

Square Feet: 3,000

Area: Rural

I Live With my husband and our two little boys, plus our dog and 11 chickens

Decorating Style: Minimalistic.  It’s funny because our old house was completely different looking than this house; I painted every room a different color but in this house every wall is white and our furniture is neutral. I love it like this, it definitely reduces my stress levels and we’ve made an effort to keep this house clutter free.

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October Acres Family Photo

How did you end up in this house? We had been searching for years for our forever home, our requirements were a 3-4 bedroom house with lots of property. However, NJ is very expensive so it’s hard to come by an affordable house with a lot of property. After over 5 years of searching we were lucky enough to find a house in the middle of the woods with all of our requirements and then some! I think it was just meant to be.

Minimalist Grey Living Room -

What makes your home unique? We have no neighbors! Well, technically I guess we do, but we can’t see a single house from our house. We are so far back in the woods we feel like we have the entire county to ourselves. People are always surprised when they come to our house for the first time, you would never know there is a house all the way back here.

Minimalist Living Room Brick Fireplace  -

My favorite thing about our home is the location and the 13 acres of property we have. We have two little boys and I cannot imagine a more perfect space for them to grow up in.

Minimalist Dining Room -

The biggest project we’ve completed in our home has been our kitchen renovation. When we purchased our home it was in good shape but very outdated.

Minimalist Kitchen -

Luckily for us my husband is very handy and he completely redid our kitchen; we painted the cabinets, and put in butcher block countertops, along with new lighting, sink, and faucet. We also added an island and a coffee bar. You can really see the transformation in our before and after photo.

Minimalist Kitchen Makeover Before After -

We have at least one piece of furniture from each of our grandparents in our house. It’s so important for us to have these pieces and keep them in our family. I love the history behind them, whether it’s the painting my Grandfather from Germany made when he was a little boy or the table my husband’s Grandfather made when he was in high school.

Bedroom Barn Door -

As a family we love spending time outdoors. We are lucky to live on 13 acres and our home is surrounded by 600+ acres of protected land that we are able to hike and explore. During the winter months we snowshoe around the property. An added bonus is that one of our very best friends lives on the other side of the 600 acres so we get to meet up with them in the middle of woods during hikes.

New Jersey Woods Hike -

My favorite thing about living in this area is that we get to experience all four seasons. Winter can feel really long around here but we are very lucky to get to experience snow in the winter, beautiful fall and spring weather, and hot sunny days in the summertime. We are also close enough to so many beautiful places like the Jersey shore, Pocono Mountains, Adirondack Mountains, and if you’re a city person New York City and Philly aren’t far either.

New Jersey Snowy Winter -

When people hear that we live in New Jersey they automatically assume we live in a densely populated area, or the beach. Neither is true, we in a rural area filled with nature and beauty!

Sunset in Snowy Woods -

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